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 You clicked the link to learn more about your dogs nutrition; to that, I say “thank you”. You have taken the first step towards learning more about what it means to feed a complete and balanced diet, to understand the importance of vitamins minerals, proteins and how to read the AAFCO nutritional requirements accurately. My name is Robert Rodriguez, I specialize in teaching how to feed the raw diet. We offer online Zoom classes on picking the right dry or canned food or learning the Raw Diet. 

A dog that eats his species appropriate food will train better and have a higher sense of smell. Our philosophy here is to teach old and new dog owners about the NRC – AFFCO – and Canada nutrient requirements on how certain ingredients will harm, kill or benefit your dog.
A Dog that eats healthy will have a clear mind and be able to train at a his highest potential.   

To schedule a raw foods class please contact us.
dry food or can food classes will be offered this year.

I have helped thousands of clients read the ingredients and decipher the hidden meanings behind the definitions used by the pet food companies trying to trick you from “word play” and clever advertisements.  

Feeding Dry Or Can Food Class: Class 101

  • How to spot harmful ingredients that killed other dogs and cats.
  • Ingredient rules of the pet food industry: what they mean and what they are trying to hide.
  • Rules that allow pet food manufacturers to trick people.
  • How to follow a vitamin chart for proper feeding regimens.
  • How to read the ingredient label, and why this is very important.
  • The major problems processing dog food can create.
  • Why packaging is critical to the shelf life of commercial foods.
  • How veterinary diets are regulated and how they differ from over the counter foods.
  • Pet food ingredient that weakens the immune system.


  • The number #1 mistake most raw food manufacturers make.
  • How to analyze raw diet recipes for deficiencies.
  • How to customize the raw diet based on the foods you feed.
  • How to find the exact amount of calcium in meaty bones.
  • How the foods we feed our pets can cause inflammatory diseases in the dog eating these meats.
  • How to Feed whole prey Model
  • The nutritional demands of different life stages in puppies.
  • How to follow a vitamin chart for proper feeding regiments.